Jon Pead

Assistant Headteacher – School Improvement

The Billericay School, Billericay

About Me

Having worked at the Billericay School for 8 years, I have had the opportunity to gain a wide range of Whole School, Pastoral and Curriculum experience through my leadership roles.

I am experienced in delivering both whole staff and departmental CPD.  As a member of Billericay School SLT and Teaching and Learning Team, I have led whole staff sessions on Coaching, Questioning, Behaviour for Learning, Assessment for Learning, Effective Sixth Form Teaching and The UCAS Process.  Departmental CPD I have delivered includes sessions on Stretch and Challenge and DR ICE, alongside a series of subject knowledge extending sessions on a range of Further Mathematics topics.  By rewriting Mathematics programmes of study to incorporate greater stretch and challenge for the more able, we have seen our A* count more than double since 2013.

As a Performance Manager and Line Manager for Middle Leaders and through working alongside the LSM in Mathematics, I have worked with staff of varying degrees of experience always striving to facilitate positive and sustainable change.

As an Assistant Headteacher I have been able to implement new ideas to improve our progress 8 scores (evidenced in 2018) and devise new and innovative strategies for running school improvement.

3 years’ experience in a Sixth Form leadership role has enabled me to develop the EPQ as an opportunity for all students, deliver supervisor training and maintain outstanding results.  Developing links with businesses and universities has provided opportunities for our sixth form leavers and quality outreach input.  Having been part of the consultation process with Cambridge University on decoupling of A Levels and university offers, I have gained a far greater insight into university admissions processes, which in turn, has considerably improved our success in helping students achieve places at selective universities.

Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Sixth Form Curriculum
  • Sixth Form Careers and University Guidance
  • Numeracy Across the Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • School Improvement
  • Whole School Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Target Setting
  • Social Media, Marketing and Recruitment

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Questioning

Recent Training

  • Outstanding Facilitator Training
  • Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • Getting Ready to Teach Mathematics 9-1, Edexcel
  • Emmanuel College Cambridge Admissions Conference and Advice for Schools
  • Coordinating the Extended Project, AQA