Victoria Oddy

Deputy Head - Cross Site Assessment

The Basildon Academies (Upper)

About Me

I have been part of the Senior Leadership team for 4 years and have held my current position of Deputy Head at the Basildon Academies since 2016 and am responsible for Assessment, Curriculum and SEND.  Within my role I work across KS3-5, developing systems and strategies to monitor student progress and outcomes, this includes identifying under performance and in school variations. I work with leaders at all levels to develop their understanding of data, analysis and action planning to address areas of highlighted concern.

I am responsible for curriculum development and timetabling and have been able to ensure that we are implementing changes to ensure students have an appropriate curriculum that meets new government measures. I have also introduced a rigorous assessment model to track and identify in school variations.

I have played a pivotal role in developing our KS3 curriculum following the removal of national curriculum levels, ensuring our program was forward thinking and appropriate to create the building blocks needed to meet new specifications at GCSE.

Over the last 4 years I have played a key role with our Senior Leaderships team in moving the Academies from “Special Measures” to “Good”. Student outcomes in all key stages have continued to improve with our 2016 GCSE results showing we have been able to close the gap in progress made by boys and girls in English, as well as increasing the progress made by low attaining students.

I currently line manage both English and Mathematics ensuring the drive for both Attainment and Progress is a key priority, as well as line managing SEN and Data Management teams.

I am a Design and Technology Teacher and teach Resistant Materials, Engineering and Graphic Design at both KS4-5. I have previously been the Head of Vocational Learning and have demonstrated significant impact on outcomes for my students. I have been a mentor for GTPs and have been a teacher coach.

I believe we all have a moral purpose to ensure students are provided with the best education possible to improve their life chances and opportunities.  Within my role I am relentless in focusing on outcomes being accurately tracked to ensure no student is left behind.

Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • Design Technology
  • Assessment (Whole School)
  • Leadership of Curriculum
  • Closing the Gap (Data, Pupil Premium, SEND, Gender)

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Support for the most able
  • ITT & NQT Development/Mentoring
  • Teaching & Learning/Support

Recent Training

  • Safer Recruitment Training