Sally Waddingham

Head of Learning and Communication, EYFS-4

Glenwood Special School, Benfleet

About Me

My current teaching and leadership role at Glenwood, a special school for learners with severe and profound learning difficulties, has given me a unique opportunity to develop my creativity as a teacher and an exceptional understanding of learners as individuals. I have experience teaching learners with a wide range of special needs and levels of attainment.  I demonstrate an ability to confidently identify and implement teaching strategies most relevant to the specific needs and learning style of each child.  I have experience working effectively with many learners with ASD and implementing strategies to allow them to understand their environment and expectations, increase their independence and enjoy success.

My previous experience of leadership and teaching roles is within a primary mainstream setting. With my knowledge and experience working successfully across both phases I can support within a mainstream or special needs setting.

As part of my leadership role at Glenwood I am Head of Communication. I identify the level of support required by individuals and teams and in response to these provide differentiated levels of support for both learners and teachers. Often leading change in schools with very hardworking leaders and teachers is not about doing something more, but about doing it differently.

I have taken a key role in ensuring that monitoring and assessment throughout the school is consistent and effectively moderated in order to give validity to the data and assessment records. I am able to analyse data and use the findings to help plan for pupil and school  development.

As a leader in my own school I am committed to raising standards of teaching and learning and  relish  opportunities to work with colleagues from other establishments. Through working collaboratively as professionals we can give more children an opportunity to enjoy educational success.

Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • SEN (Mainstream; Primary, Secondary and Special)
  • Working with learners with ASD
  • Teaching and Learning

Other Areas of Expertise

  • CPD
  • Assessment
  • Outstanding and Improving Teacher Programme facilitator.
  • Increasing the impact of additional adults and support staff