Hannah Barton

Year 3/4 Phase Leader & Reading Leader

Maple Grove Primary School, Basildon

About Me

I have been teaching for 6 years and have experience in teaching from years 3-6. I currently lead reading across the school from EYFS. I am also history leader and year 3/4 phase leader in my current role, which has required me to bring about swift change and improvement in a challenging environment, focusing particularly on the quality of the teaching of reading taking place across the school. As part of this focus I have just completed the NPQSL course which enabled me to lead the whole school improvement project for closing the gender gap in reading, thankfully with great success! In our most recent KS2 SATs results the reading attainment and progress was outstanding with 97% of children achieving a 4B+, 75% of children achieving a level 5 and a total of 30.8 APS points progress.

Since the project and taking on this challenge, I have carried out extensive research, attending courses and learning from other schools on the teaching of reading, particularly focusing on comprehension. I have experience of analysing reading data, working alongside  SEN boys, gifted and talented groups (including year 6 G+T readers) and teaching reading creatively through a range of media. At Downham I have just lead the fundraising and implementation of a whole new reading scheme and trained staff to assess through these texts with focused targets for each child.

Prior to this role I was geography and global learning leader at my previous school. I have experience in linking with other schools and charities globally, ensuring a whole school global learning ethos was developed. I have up to date knowledge and experience of teaching geography skills and the progression of these skills throughout the year groups.

I am passionate about all of my specialisms and first and foremost believe in creativity and trust as a way of bringing about positive change within a school.

Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership of Curriculum
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Closing the Gap

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Managing teams for change
  • Curriculum design
  • Reading (the teaching of reading comprehension, guided reading, Closing The Gap)
  • Global Learning

Recent Training

  • NPQSL—Closing the gender gap (Cambridge University)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • The teaching of spelling