Cat Stratton

Class Teacher

Brightside Primary School

About Me

I have been employed at Buttsbury Infant School, Ryedene Primary School and Brightside Primary School. At Buttsbury Infant School I led and managed the teaching of Literacy and supported local teachers and trainee teachers to develop their skills in the teaching of English.

I have provided a range of support for students, mentors and school leaders on the teaching of Literacy and systematic synthetic Phonics to provide information on what constitutes outstanding practice.  I have also supported local schools in their delivery of the teaching of Phonics and organised observations and CPD to address the particular needs of these schools.

As a Literacy Leader I had several opportunities to support other local leaders to introduce innovative teaching strategies into their own schools. Having successfully introduced and embedded the Pie Corbett modelled writing approach into the teaching repertoire in all classes at Buttsbury Infant School, I have modelled several lessons for local teachers to observe followed by delivering training and discussion sessions on the benefits to pupil engagement and impact on learning as a result of using the demonstration writing format. I have also facilitated and supported colleagues across the Billericay Teaching School Alliance in strategies to assess and level writing and to lead guided reading.

I have completed the OLEVI Outstanding Facilitator Programme and I have facilitated the Improving Teacher Programme and the Outstanding Teacher Programme including the element of The Power of Coaching.

Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Talk for Writing and Demonstration Writing

Other Areas of Expertise

  • ITT & NQT Development
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Recent Training

  • Outstanding and Improving Facilitators Programme—OLEVI, endorsed by NCSL
  • Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing conference