Objective 1: To identify and engage a group of schools (including those not yet part of the alliance that may join the alliance) who would benefit from support to increase the knowledge or skills in SEND (with a particular focus on low-incidence SEND)

Timeframe: December 2012 & January 2013


  • Engage schools within the Billericay Consortium Trust (BCT) – already working in close collaboration and has a thriving SEN/Inclusion Group
  • Increase knowledge and skills for Speech and Language development beyond Foundation Stage. BCT currently employ Speech and Language Therapy worker to work in Foundation Stage. She uses Black Sheep resources. This equates to approx. 1/2day a week per school
  • High incidence of Speech and Language difficulties across primary age group within BCT group
  • Lack of Speech and Language Therapy input from local provider – lack of funding, over-stretched resources
  • To develop specialism within each school in group for further support


  • BCT Inclusion Group is a proactive group with attendance from all the BCT schools. The group meets at least once a term.
  • Claire Harper – Speech and Language Worker – has had an active involvement with the group and endeavours to attend meetings as appropriate.
  • Claire has delivered training to SENCO’s – use of Black Sheep resources – and discussed how this can be used with children beyond Reception/Foundation.
  • She also delivered specific training to LSA’s in the use of Black Sheep materials.