Primary National Curriculum - Expression of Interest

Billericay Community Trust TSA in partnership with its Strategic Partners.

The 12 schools to be involved; (It may be that some of the 33 BEC schools have some sort of involvement)

St Peter’s Primary School Stock C of E Primary School Brightside Primary School Downham Primary School
Sunnymede Junior School Buttsbury Junior School Quilters Junior School South Green Junior School
Sunnymede Infant School Buttsbury Infant School Quilters Infant School South Green Infant School

About BCT – BCT has been working in partnership for well over a decade and has well established working practices and methodologies in addressing the School Improvement agenda. A strength of BCT is the Cluster Groups (CGs). Each cluster group operates to improve knowledge and understanding and facilitate subject development.

CGs (addressing some/all of the following foci;)

  • Computing
  • Numeracy and Mathematics
  • Science
  • MFL
  • Literacy
  • Inclusion and SEND
  • Student Voice
  • Collaborative Learning

Cluster groups have engaged with local and national organisations on initiatives and emerging opportunities. They have an impact on progress, outcomes, next step development and curriculum initiatives, for example, the SEND group are delivering R&D through a Speech and Language initiative and three schools are engaged in R&D Closing the Gap – Test and Learn. CGs benefit from engagement with national organisations such as NCTEM (Maths).

The process going forward;

  1. Pre-conference,  – the CGs will take the lead initially. This will be to look at and share current thinking and new challenges/ implications. Close consideration needs to be made of resources. Steps need to be underway in order to move colleagues forward at the conference.
  2. The conference – This will be followed by the coming together of all schools (possibly some BEC – 33 schools) involved via a conference which will take place on 14th Feb 2014. The conference will highlight key challenges, sharing some of the initial steps made toward implementation to move the groups on. Resources and Thinking will be key to conference success looking at resources;

Known/unknown,           created/modified,           tried/tested,

……. leading to those involved having a clear collaborative focus on returning to partnership schools.

Post-conference satellite groups will then work collaboratively to a disseminated brief, looking specifically at;

  1. producing aspects of a curriculum map,
  2. defining a programme for each year-group
  3. identifying monitoring, tracking, assessment, and intervention methods
  4. identifying key success indicators
  5. ensuring no gaps occur from old to new including transition year/s where necessary.

Satellite groups will reconvene in the form of cluster groups to share findings and identify the best way forward both in terms of implementation and on-going collaborative support in the first year of delivery.


Clearly the above is ambitions within a fund application of £10,000. Close strategic monitoring will need to be in place in order to monitor spend against outcomes. The BCT cluster groups go ‘the extra mile’ and with this in mind high levels of success are expected.

Intended Outcomes

  • Greater and more in-depth understanding of the The New Primary Curriculum across all stake-holders
  • Smooth transition to Primary Curriculum implementation
  • Increased SKfT across all involved, including increased Pedagogical understanding and delivery


  • A more highly skilled and well-informed group of professionals able to provide exciting and stimulating lessons, reflect critically on own/others practice in a well-informed way, subsequently raising student motivation and attainment