CTG - NQT - Class based projects

Our ‘Data and Tracking Groups – Closing the Gap’ session of our Primary NQT Programme includes a Closing the Gap Project.

Please click on the hyperlinked titles below to view some of the projects submitted by our Primary NQTs.

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  • KS1 – Progress in Writing for EAL PupilsDiscover
  • KS1 – Improving Handwriting in Year 1Discover
  • KS1 – Less able Year 1 children in literacyDiscover
  • KS1 – Raising attainment in reading for year 2 PPG childrenDiscover
  • KS1 & 2 –  Less able primary pupils in their times table recallDiscover
  • KS1 & 2 – Raising the attainment of boys writingDiscover
  • KS1 & 2 – Supporting & tracking Progress of New Arrival EAL Pupils in EnglishDiscover
  • KS1 & 2 – Comprehension across all year groupsDiscover
  • KS2 – Children who were at risk of not meeting the expected standard due to their spellingDiscover
  • KS2 – EAL children in year 3Discover
  • KS2 – Expected (EXS) children in MathematicsDiscover
  • KS2 – Progress for More Able Year 3 Boys in ReadingDiscover
  • KS2 – Progress of Yr 6 children not working at Age-RelatedDiscover
  • KS2 – Yr 3 children working under aged related in MathsDiscover