CTG - Middle Leader - Team based projects

Our ‘Developing Middle Leadership Potential (DMLP)’ programme is an annual programme which includes a team based Closing the Gap Project.

Please click on the hyperlinked titles below to view some of the projects submitted by our DMLP participants.

If you would like to attend our DMLP programme, please CLICK HERE for further information.


  • EYFS & KS1 – To Convert More Children Levelled at Emerging in EYFS to Expected by End of KS1Discover
  • KS1 – 20 per cent of Year 1 pupils Making Better than Expected Progress in WritingDiscover
  • KS1 – Progress of SEN Readers in Year 3Discover
  • KS1 – Improving Progress in Reading & CTG Between PP Children at the End of KS1Discover
  • KS1-2 – Improving Engagement in Physical ActivityDiscover
  • KS2 – Reading Attainment in Year 6Discover
  • KS3 – Increasing Awareness and Knowledge of Mental Health in Year 9 pupilsDiscover
  • KS3 – Trialling Flipped Learning and Homework FrameworkDiscover
  • KS4 – Attainment of PPG2 Students GCSE 9-5Discover
  • KS4 – Raising Geography Attainment in Most Able StudentsDiscover
  • KS5 – Disadvantaged and non-Disadvantaged Pupils in WritingDiscover
  • KS5 – Improving the Attainment and Progress of MABLE Students in PsychologyDiscover
  • KS5 – Improving the Attainment of Most Able Students in A’Level LawDiscover
  • KS5 – Uptake of Girls in A’Level PhysicsDiscover
  • Progress of Disadvantaged Students Attainment Whilst Following D of E ProgrammeDiscover